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other activities

# Involving the Chinese and foreign projects related to the exchange and procurement docking conference

We invite well-known manufacturing enterprises in China, including the United States, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia and other countries, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other well-known manufacturing enterprises in northern Guangdong and other developed areas as well as major domestic hospitals, nursing homes, nursing homes and welfare institutions. Pension institutions, medical institutions, community health institutions and professional pension service buyers to visit the procurement negotiations, and domestic exhibitors one-on-one interactive docking.


# Publicity and rehearsal

The elderly social and cultural groups are invited to organize various activities such as old age chess, calligraphy, painting, song and dance, and theatrical performances and other activities for the aged. At the same time, they also carry out activities such as elderly health consultation and on-site clinic consultation.


# Health knowledge seminars

Invite well-known medical experts and scholars at home and abroad to explain and popularize the health-related knowledge of the elderly, disseminate the health-related concepts of the elderly and enhance the health awareness of the elderly.