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Past Review

From August 25 to 27, 2017, Guided by the Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau, Guangzhou City Cooperative Office and the Office of Guangzhou Senior Citizens Working Committee, Guangzhou Elderly Care Industry Association, Guangdong Province Elderly Care Industry Chamber of Commerce, Guangdong Elderly Care Association, Guangdong Province Service Trade Association, sponsored by Guangdong Institute of Asia Pacific E-Commerce, 2017 China (Guangzhou) International Elderly Health Industry Expo 2017 and Guangzhou Elderly Health Food Expo 2011, hosted by Guangdong Cross-Exhibition Co., Ltd. At the China Import and Export Fair Complex A zone 5.2 grand opening. As a professional exhibition of the aging industry, it is the first time this year was included in Guangzhou Expo.

It is worth mentioning that, for the first time in the Guangzhou Fair debut 2017 China (Guangzhou) International Geriatric Health Industry Expo and the 2017 Guangzhou Elderly Diet Health Expo, has made impressive exhibition results. Just three days of the exhibition, it attracted more than 200 exhibitors and more than 60,000 visitors, reached 2.3 million yuan on-site sales and 45 million yuan of the intention of the contract amount. Regardless of the size of the show, the number of visitors or the display content, are the industry leader in the health industry in the elderly.


First, the exhibition overview

1, show date: August 25, 2017 -27 days

2, Exhibition venues: China Import and Export Fair Complex, Hall A, Hall 5.2

3, exhibition area: 10,000 square meters

4, the number of booths: 350 booths

5, the number of exhibitors: 235 companies

6, the exhibition set up: 7 distinctive exhibition area, namely the government public welfare pavilion, the elderly health pavilion, the pharmaceutical pavilion, the big pavilion, the elderly rehabilitation medical and auxiliary apparatus exhibition area, the intelligent aging pavilion, the elderly life pavilion, the elderly pavilion.

7, the number of viewers: 61367 passengers, 87% of the domestic audience, foreign audiences accounted for 13%; professional audience accounted for 43%, 57% of the general audience; of which 3021 people, its 2081 in China, 840 foreign countries.

8, the exhibition deal results: The exhibition site sales amount of 2.3 million yuan, the intention of the contract amount of 45 million yuan.

9, Concurrent Events: 25 forums and lectures, 12 performances and programs, 5 lucky draws.

10, distribution of promotional items, gifts and prizes: visiting tickets 85200, journal 3200, the elderly reported 2000 copies, diet and health guidelines 6,500, Bama benefits 9600, heaven and earth hawthorn drink 3200, quality of life disinfection lamp 50 , Tong Ren Tang 30 loving gift packs, love Kang Guobin and American Health Card 65 sets of health check, ancient photography and Mona Lisa wedding photography packages 42 sets.



Second, the audience and buyers analysis

1. The three-day exhibition received a total of 53,389 domestic visitors and 7,978 foreign visitors; 26,388 professional visitors and 34,979 non-professional visitors.


2. Visitors to the exhibition had the highest purchase intent and attention on Rehabilitation Medical Equipment and Auxiliary Appliances, Food and Drugs Exhibits, and Smart Elderly Products, followed by Household Products, Government Public Goods, Old-age Services and Large Food Products.

3. The exhibition attracted a total of 15,307 local buyers, 1582 buyers from Hong Kong, Maucao and Taiwan, 1053 foreign buyers, and 8446 non-show local buyers.

Third, exhibitors analysis

Fourth, the exhibition area analysis

1, public welfare exhibition area

Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau public welfare pavilion, the main exhibition of the old Fair / Expo public welfare open, Guangzhou community home innovation results, large meals, the elderly food and drug safety advocacy and anti-fraud knowledge of the elderly.

2, large food exhibition area

Mainly to showcase Guangzhou Restaurant, Golden Valley Park, Huang Chu, three meals a day, Cheung Shun, more points, Zhuzai burning, Dad point, such as the 23 Guangzhou large catering brand corporate image display, catering agencies, catering services;

3, drugs, food exhibition area

Mainly to display Tong Ren Tang, Cai Zhi Lin, Ha Bo Pharmaceutical, Zhengqi Tang, Thailand and Thailand Hall, the first pharmaceutical and other well-known drug companies and the world number one, Bamayiquan, Weng Yuan farms, Lingge jujube stuffed and other excellent health food and ingredients enterprise;

4, rehabilitation medical and aids exhibition

Showcasing a large number of advanced rehabilitation medical and assistive devices such as Shandong Kangtai, Shenzhen Doyle, Guangdong Kangshen, Zhuhai Lapu, Foshan Shunkangda, Hongkong Hongfeng, Dongguan Meihan, Hefei Novo and Beili Kai

5, intelligent retirement exhibition

Showcase China Telecom, quality of life, Hanlin Furniture, the Carpenter Holdings, CITIC Guoan home a large number of ready to enter the smart business involving the elderly, display services for the elderly care robot, pension institutions management system, smart health management system, smart home, smart mobile APP , The application of Internet technology in the elderly and so on;

6, elderly supplies exhibition area

Showcase China Telecom, Hong Kong mutual love, DK, Cathay Pacific and other related elderly life supplies, convenience products, leisure exercise products, crutches, elderly clothing shoes, the elderly mobile phones;

7, the elderly service exhibition area

Elderly nursing homes, welfare homes, retirement homes and other pension institutions, the elderly financial services, community home care service centers, community health and medical services, health institutions, domestic service agencies, pension operations management, geriatric tourism, the elderly University, elderly style entertainment institutions;

Fifth, highlights of the show

1, the opening ceremony

August 25, 2017 China (Guangzhou) International Geriatric Health Industry Expo & 2017 Guangzhou Elderly Food Health Expo The opening ceremony of the Expo was held in the A zone of China Import and Export Fair Complex. Zhu Yaoyin, Deputy Director of National Aging Office, Zhang Mingliang, Executive Vice President of China Association of Social Welfare and Pension Services, Dang Junwu, Deputy Director of China Aging Science Research Center, Yi Lihua, Inspector of Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau, Liu Feng, Deputy Party Secretary of Guangzhou Cooperation Office About 300 people attended the opening ceremony, including provincial, municipal and district civil affairs, elderly department heads, pension service agencies, relevant social organizations, heads of participating enterprises and the news media.


    2, the leadership of inspection


Guangzhou Mayor Wen Guohui and provincial and municipal leaders visited the old Expo Hall after the opening ceremony of the Canton Fair and listened to the introduction by Yi Lihua inspectors


Deputy Director of National Aging Office Zhu Yiyin and Guangzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau inspectors Yi Lihua in the government public welfare area to exchange guidance


Yi Lihua, inspector of Civil Affairs Bureau of Guangzhou, Wenling Fei, director of Guangzhou Aging Office, and Deputy Director Guan Jiejun introduced the characteristics and application of suitable furniture designed and manufactured by him in charge of Quality Living (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.


Liu Feng, deputy party secretary of Guangzhou Cooperation Office, is listening to the director of Hanlin to explain the unique design concept of suitable old furniture

3, Summit Forum

During the exhibition, a series of forums were held with the theme of "devoted to the quality of life of the elderly and guarding the health and happiness of old age". Experts and scholars from both inside and outside the province focused on the "new development of the aged industries and aged care services under the background of the grand health strategy" and "the construction of the community aged care service system And service innovation "," combination of medical and nursing mode, path and health care for the elderly "and other major topics to share and exchange, pay close attention to the development of aging health industry plans to discuss in depth the hot topics of the aging industry, pension services and elderly health.

Zhang Mingliang, former director of the social affairs department of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and executive vice president of the China Association of Social Welfare and Pensions Services, pointed out six trends in the current development of the pension service industry in the keynote speech entitled "Tendency and trendy trends in the development of pension services."


In his keynote speech entitled "The Status Quo and Future of the Aging Industry," Dang Junwu, deputy director of China Aging Science Research Center and deputy director of the National Council of Aging Services Professionals, and editor-in-chief of The Aging Science Research Institute stressed that the top priority of the aging industry is to seize the four extremes .


In the keynote speech of "Trends and Specialization of Health Care Food Industry", Chen Ming, dean of Huaguang Institute of Healthy Aging Industries, Chairman of Neon Tang Health Pension Group and visiting researcher at Institute of Economic Research of Chuo University, Japan, Case study members in the nursing home "Sangang" experience nursing meal as a case, pointed out the current business opportunities in health care food, and the enlightenment from which.


South China Agricultural University School of Economics and Management, Associate Professor, postdoctoral Zhou Wenliang, based on Guangzhou health and pension business research, as the "Guangzhou pension services innovation and development path" keynote speech. Among them, he briefed the audience about Vanke Wisdom Square community-based innovation model for the elderly, Poly and Hee Health Museum, Guangzhou Baiyue Baitai combination model and other health care in Guangzhou several representative and innovative mode of pension.


Round table dialogue: Zhang Mingliang, Dang Junwu, Zhou Wenliang, Chen Ming, Deng Chunyang

4, special lectures

The Organizing Committee of the exhibition elaborately handbook "Guidance on Elderly Dietary Health Service in Guangzhou" and will distribute it on-site for free. At the same time, we will launch three lectures on "Microcirculation and Health" and "Diabetes Prevention and Chronic Disease Management" to popularize science for the elderly Medical health knowledge.


5, health hand letter special start and ceremony

During the exhibition, Guangdong Provincial Health and Welfare Association hand letter professional committee members held a ceremony and on-site to be awarded.


6, public performance

During the show, interspersed with performance, swing, stage play and other tidbits. A variety of elderly literary performances will showcase the style of the elderly, festivals and health celebrations; masters of calligraphy and painting on-site splashing ink presented to the elderly; every day at noon to organize the anti-fraud stage drama, anti-fraud elderly general seminar, a more intuitive image Propagate anti-fraud knowledge to the elderly.

7, lucky draw

During the exhibition, the organizers distributed a total of 8,000 articles, including World No.1, 8000, Bama Spring drinking water, 60 Aikang Guobin card, 44 US health card, ancient 20 wedding photography coupons, 8 Mona Lisa wedding photos, Beijing Tong Ren Tang 50 sets of health products, quality of life disinfection lamp 40, so that the elderly feel truly social care and warmth.

Six, show the effect

Exhibitors on the show full of praise!

Exhibitors generally think that this exhibition organizers work efficiently, can provide timely and thoughtful service, venue layout and booth construction aesthetics, to help enterprises enhance the image display, more than half of the exhibitors said the number of participating audience even exceeded expectations, 71% Of exhibitors to achieve the desired results, 39% of exhibitors have the opportunity to participate in the next show.

This time we have 3 exhibitors, the effect is very good, Guangzhou market has been expanded, I hope the future of more opportunities for exhibitors.

--Oceania Australia Natural Health Products Co., Ltd. Mr.JacobStewart

I am very pleased to participate in this old Fair, there are many people at the show concerned about our business, our products are very popular, there are already many intentions of customers, show very good results.

- Beijing Tong Ren Tang Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Chain Co., Ltd. Marketing Director, Mr. Lee

This three-day exhibition time, our company reached a dozen customers intentions, a lot of gains, and domestic and foreign customers recognized and affirmed. This exhibition has expanded our company's visibility and influence, but also allows us to understand the market, understand peers, recognize themselves.

Shandong Kangtai Industrial Co., Ltd. Manager Wang

According to the association members feedback, this exhibition has a large number of well-known big brands and high-quality exhibitions. The theme forums are highly specialized and practical for enterprises. I hope every exhibition can participate.

- Guangzhou Pension Services Industry Association, Secretary General

Exhibitors rich products, members of the domestic and international characteristics for the purchase of strong intent, with the exhibitors have in-depth docking, this year the association there are two members exhibitors, said the effect is very good, next year not only group purchase, but also launch member exhibition.

- Guangdong Health Culture Association health hand letter Professional Committee Mr. Cai

Seven, media attention

The successful opening and the perfect ending of the 2017 China (Guangzhou) International Elderly Health Industry Expo and the Guangzhou Elderly Food Health Expo in 2017 attracted wide public attention from all walks of life. Among them,, the headlines of today, the Shenzhen Commercial Daily and the Guangzhou Daily Dayang, Nanfang Daily, Information Times, China's well-off net and other professional media and industry media have made a special report on the grand occasion of this old Expo.