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2018 China International Geriatric Health Industry Expo (Guangzhou Station)

About CIEE:

China International Forum on Elderly Health Expo (CIEE Expo) focused on the overall orientation of the national policy on aging and pension system, focusing on the development trend of China's pension industry and relying on the market demand of China's aging industry, organized the world's forefront of elderly care product technology and Solutions, Tour Exhibition across the country, so that the production and distribution companies involved in the involvement of old and purchasing agencies seamless docking, supply and demand balance to lead the elderly health industry to develop a new future, to create display, communication, services, business opportunities for a one-stop international commerce Platform, is committed to becoming China's elderly health industry's industry benchmark!

2018 China International Geriatric Health Industry Exposition (Guangzhou Station) Description:

First, the exhibition overview

The 26th Guangzhou Expo is a large-scale government exhibition co-organized by the Guangzhou Municipal Government and China Foreign Trade Center (Group), and has successfully held 25 sessions so far. Each session attracts more than 30 countries and more than 80 domestic provinces and municipalities as well as Hong Kong, Maucao and Taiwan regions participating participants, the audience flow of 250,000, of which the elderly accounted for more than 60%. The exhibition planning exhibition area of nearly 140,000 square meters, about 6,000 booths, with 5 comprehensive exhibition and 9 professional exhibition.

As a professional exhibition of Canton Fair, "2018 China International Geriatric Health Industry Expo (Guangzhou Station)" is held concurrently with Guangzhou Expo and is devoted to building industry vanguard of the aging industry based on major government resources. It brings together the most advanced pension service products in the world Technology and solutions to lead the development of a new future for the aged industries and build a one-stop international business and trade platform integrating exhibitions, exchanges, services and business opportunities.

Exhibition Name: 2018 China International Geriatric Health Industry Expo (Guangzhou Station)

Exhibition time: August 20, 2018 August 24-26

Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex A zone

Second, show advantages

The government attaches great importance

The government attaches great importance to the development of the aging industry and the corresponding policies. As the largest province for the aged in the country, Guangdong has been identified as the pilot city in the comprehensive reform of the pension services in the country. As a result, the aging industry has received unprecedented attention.


2017 Guangzhou old fair, the city leaders visited the exhibition site

Extensive influence

As a large-scale expo organized by Guangzhou Municipal People's Government and China Foreign Trade Center (Group), Guangzhou Expo has been successfully held for 25 sessions with a total exhibition area of nearly 130,000 square meters, attracting nearly 23 foreign countries and nearly 30 domestic cities nearly 2000 Yujiaqi exhibitors, the number of more than 6,000 booths, the audience of up to 230,000 (of which nearly 60% are middle-aged and older groups), on-site trade contracts and intentions amounted to 234 million yuan.

"Two exhibitions for a while" to build three elderly pension

2018 China International Geriatric Health Industry Exposition (Guangzhou Station)】 Held in conjunction with the [Fifth Guangzhou International Elderly Care Industry Project Cooperation and Exchange Conference] Held together to create a "one exhibition and one meeting" exhibition, exchange, service and business opportunity procurement Stand international business brand image.

Hosted in Guangzhou is the world exhibition capital, business center

As a pilot city for innovative development of service trade approved by the State Council, Guangzhou is a millennium commercial city. It is located in the core economic zone of the Pearl River Delta and is known as China's comprehensive gateway city and the first trading port. Guangzhou is also the exhibition capital, with the largest exhibition hall in the world and the most advanced exhibition hall in the world. Each year, Guangzhou holds a large international exhibition such as the internationally renowned Canton Fair and Canton Fair. It has strong international purchasing resources and the best exhibition services .

three,Procurement resources

Government procurement resources

Guangzhou Finance raised 110 million yuan for community-based innovation pilot home care services, focusing on promoting home care "big meal" system. Organizing Committee will cooperate with relevant government departments in depth in Guangdong Province, the elderly, the elderly community to carry out care for the elderly, social assistance and other activities, while collecting information on procurement needs.

Domestic professional purchasing resources

Integrate the advantages and resources of government departments and domestic business associations, organize and invite enterprises and institutions such as pension institutions, general hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals and welfare centers, local cadres, nursing homes, welfare homes, nursing homes, medical institutions and community health institutions The leaders and professionals will visit the procurement.

Overseas purchasing resources

The Organizing Committee will unite the embassies, consulates and offices of overseas countries in China, the overseas-related associations for overseas retirees, and invite international and domestic professionals from Southeast Asia, the EU, the Middle East, the African Union, Hong Kong, Maucao and Taiwan to visit and exchange visits.


Strong buyer data resources

Organizers use their own accumulation of nearly 1 million Canton Fair buyers resources and nearly 300,000 professional merchants resources, the exhibitors after the successful registration, the organizing committee will be e-mail, SMS mass, public number promotion, internal platform for a variety of ways to conduct business matching .

Fourth, media promotion

Government resources promotion

As the key exhibition of the government, the organizing committee of the GuangFu Organizing Committee will publicize 11 outdoor media by government resources and multimedia, and will be put on the airport, subway, bus and so on. The TV media such as CCTV, Phoenix Satellite TV, Guangdong Satellite TV, newspapers and magazines such as Guangzhou Daily, Nanfang Dushi Bao and Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao , And another broadcast, magazines, online media, new media and other comprehensive coverage. It will attract about 300,000 visitors from the Mainland and overseas to visit and purchase.

National Tour promotion

Organizers use their own nearly 50 each year across the country large-scale government exhibitions and professional exhibition on-site promotion, and through joint trade show tours organized tours to promote the way, such as Japan External Trade Organization, the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, Taiwan Trade Center, Taiwan Medical Devices Exhibition, the old fair in Yunnan, Chengdu old Fair, Changsha Expo and other old fair to promote.

Professional media publicity

Organizing Committee through professional portals, magazines, media, media and other promotional exhibitions, such as radio, "Friends of the column", television, "full of sunset column", the old newspaper, Lingnan Song magazine, Guangzhou old network, pension information network, the elderly mall , Pension network, national pension network, pension network in China, Zhenlao network to promote the use of the main host and support units through its company website, WeChat, Weibo, SMS, WeChat public number, broadcast platform and other new media, multiple Synchronous promotion, from time to time publish the latest news Expo and interactive advertising.

Fifth, exhibition planning

   Government public welfare exhibition

Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs retirement pension programs, various districts of Guangzhou City, the results of retirement shows, social organizations, pension shows exchange of charity, public welfare pension support;

Food, Drug exhibition

Medicines for the elderly, drugs for the elderly, medicated diet, nutritious foods, health food, nutrition and health products;

Large dining area

Large catering brand corporate image display, catering agencies, catering services;

Rehabilitation medical and auxiliary equipment exhibition area

Various special hospitals, medical and health institutions, rehabilitation equipment / equipment, nursing equipment / supplies, medical equipment, orthodontic appliances, auxiliary equipment / appliances, performance aids, audio-visual auxiliary equipment;

Intelligent retirement exhibition

Smart wearable devices, retirement service robots, retirement agencies management system, smart health management system, smart home, smart mobile APP, handicap facilities, suitable for old furniture, suitable old bathroom, suitable old building design and planning, Industry applications;

Elderly Living Products Pavilion

All kinds of elderly life supplies, convenience products, leisure exercise products, crutches, elderly clothing shoes and hats, the elderly mobile phones;

Elderly service exhibition area

  Elderly nursing homes, welfare homes, retirement homes and other pension institutions, the elderly financial services, community home care service centers, community health and medical services, health institutions, domestic service agencies, pension operations management, geriatric tourism, the elderly Universities, elderly style entertainment institutions.

Six, cooperation and exchange meeting

The Fifth Guangzhou Elderly Services Industry Project Cooperation and Exchange Conference (hereinafter referred to as the exchange meeting) was held in the offices of the National Committee on Aging, Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, China Association of Social Welfare, China's Aging Industry Under the guidance of the Association of Experts Committee, jointly sponsored by Guangzhou Pension Services Industry Association and CIEE Lao Bo Organizing Committee. In order to meet the diverse elderly care needs of seniors, this symposium actively explored a new model of aged care services, encouraged social forces to participate in the aged care industry through government procurement needs, and collected project needs from government agencies and major domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions , To build a platform for the integration of resources for the aged care industry in the form of information exchange, business negotiation and project docking.

Three special sessions

Overseas Special Session (14: 00-16: August 24)


Australia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other pension industry is relatively mature, leading technology products and services in larger countries and regions related businesses and buyers.

Recommended items:

Overseas pension real estate projects, the international advanced medical equipment, pension services product technology and solutions, release of procurement requirements;

Government Session (9: 30-11: 30 August 25)


Local government departments and related agencies involved in the provision of resources and services with good retirement industries in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Hunan, Hainan and Guangxi.

Recommended items:

Government pension cultural and creative park, the construction of government pension base, the promotion of government pension services and procurement bidding.

Corporate Events (9: 00-11: 30 August 26)


Domestic brands, Internet of Things, home-based retirement, smart retirement, big meal, food, medicine and rehabilitation services

Recommended items:

Release the latest product technology and solutions, recruit channel distributors, seek investment and financing and strategic cooperation.

Activity form

The last business

The 2017 project exchange invites all enterprises from the United States, Germany, Japan, Singapore, China, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Fujian, Guangxi, Xinjiang, Taiwan and Hong Kong to come together to discuss the development prospects of the pension industry. On behalf of enterprises such as Japan Marubeni Group, Evergreen Group, Hong Kong Rizhao nursing center, Taikang Life Insurance, a beautiful home, Lingnan Education Group, Neon Tong Care Co., Ltd. and so on.

Seven, the forum activities

Launching Ceremony

Invited the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Aging Committee, Guangzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Guangzhou City Office of Cooperation and other government agencies and industry associations, industry experts, scholars, industry representatives and leading representatives of various industries attended the launching ceremony.

The main forum

Theme: millennium business, always enjoy - 2018 Home Elderly Forum

  Provincial and municipal Aging Committee, Civil Affairs Bureau and the industry on the site on a large coffee scene, from a different perspective on the government's series of policies on aging, pension hot news, social development status, retirement industry upgrades and other hot discussions to discuss the development of the aging industry prospect.


2017 home care pension forum


▶ Community Home Care Services Operations Management Seminar

▶ Internet + Intelligent Pension System Construction and Application Seminar

▶ Large catering business management seminar

▶ Meditation combined with pension service theme seminar

▶ Chronic Disease Management and Safety Medicine Health Symposium

▶ Rehabilitation Medical and Aids Development Seminar

▶ Elderly Nutrition and Health Diet Management Workshop

Chinese and foreign exchanges and purchasing docking

  The exchange will invite international pension products and service buyers from the United States, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Russia, India, Taiwan and Hong Kong to visit the exhibition for purchase and negotiation, and conduct one-to-one interactive docking with domestic exhibitors .

Eight, health service guide

Guidance for Elderly Diet and Health Services in Guangzhou is in response to the instructions of the CPC Central Committee and General Secretary Xi Jinping on promoting the development of the pension service industry. Guided by the offices of Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau and Guangzhou Committee on Aging, Guangzhou Committee of Guidelines for Elderly Diet and Health Services Will compile and distribute the policies and information on the latest pension services in the country, interpret the common diseases and health problems for the elderly, guide the healthy diet and safe medication for the elderly, establish the cultural concept of health promotion for the elderly, promote the distribution policy and network distribution, Old service brand companies and products for the elderly consumer groups to provide authoritative guide to the health food and medicine. The guide will be divided into a hard copy and an electronic copy to accompany the successful launch of the "Two Exhibitions and One Conventions" and issue simultaneously with the China (Guangzhou) International Geriatric Health Industry Exposition Bulletin.


Distribution channels:

1, Through the civil administration system in Guangzhou, pension institutions such as nursing homes, welfare homes, nursing homes, pension apartments and community pension service centers are distributed;

2, Through the Guangzhou Expo to attend the participating countries in 20 countries and more than 30 cities in the government delegation and more than 2,000 exhibitors delivery;

3, Through the guidance unit, the organizers, support units to the national pension service industry related government departments, business associations and business delivery;

4, Through the civil administration system information management platform to all the country's service-related businesses and nearly 5 million counterparts in Guangzhou city electronic push;

5, nearly 50 domestic large-scale government exhibitions and Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other international professional aging exhibition site to promote delivery;

6, to the Guangzhou Fair and CIEE Lao Bo / Expo site nearly 200,000 elderly audience and professional audience free delivery.

Guide Advertising Price:

Booths and advertising prices: