The huge demand for household appliances market over 60 billion yuan
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Date: 2018-02-26
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Nowadays, the home appliances have all advertised "intelligent" one after another, but these "high-tech" products with various functions have become "tasteless" in the face of most elderly people.


Large-size LCD TV in front of, but I do not know how to use the remote control to switch the platform; the new microwave oven has multiple buttons, but even the bowl leftovers have to be scared; intelligent washing machine more than ten features, most of them can only be regarded as display ... Now, Appliances have all advertised "intelligence", but these "high tech" products with numerous functions have become "tasteless" in the face of the majority of the elderly because of the complexity of the operation and the inefficiency of 80% of the functions. They are often encountered Awkward thing


Household appliances are too "smart" to baffle the elderly


Speaking of television at home, living in Chaoyang District Concentric Garden District Aunt Chan has a belly bitter. This summer, her daughter bought her a large-screen 4K ultra-high definition smart TV. "At first, my daughter demonstrated the function of this TV to me one by one, saying that not only can I watch the original channel but also surf the Internet to see what I like Programs, and even online shopping, I can be excited to hear. "But wait until Aunt Chan own operation, but always feel a bit powerless," always remember that the use of those functions, even if the family often taught themselves, but I am old, will soon forget. "To Chen aunt depressed is that after turning on the television, often not her most familiar live channel, but a colorful platform interface," the option is quite a lot, but sometimes careless Give the wrong, do not know how to quit .I had to unplug the power and other daughter back to see.”


The same time, Wu Laobo who lives in the Nanguan District also expressed the same trouble: "son, daughter-in-law a few days ago to buy a smart microwave oven for my husband and wife.But watching a button, we do not know how to start, in fact, I just want hot left Rice leftovers, do not need too complicated functions.


Like Chen aunt and Wu old man in the use of smart appliances when faced with embarrassment really a lot of: Intelligent voltage pot will not be used, and finally had to use the old-fashioned pressure cooker back; a few thousand dollars on the smart phone on One side, commonly used or before that two or three hundred candy bar phone; mobile phone can be remote smart washing machine, but the elderly finally turned back to the previous washboard.


"For us to buy smart appliances, which are the filial piety of sons and daughters, but for us, watching TV and watching news and TV dramas, washing machines can clean clothes and rice cooker can cook." In the interview, quite a few Elderly people over the age of 65 think it is difficult to accept new things when they are old and the best home appliances are one-touch and their functions are not too much.


A lot of smart appliances, "fit the old" few products


Recently, reporters in Hongqi Street, Chongqing Road and other shopping district visited found that the main push home appliances market all kinds of smart appliances, mainly WiFi connection, mobile remote control, multi-function-based superposition.


To color TV, for example, is basically a big screen smart TV in the lead, the manufacturers have added a variety of functions in the product, such as built-in wireless WIFI, intelligent remote control and other functions have almost become standard, these TV interface settings Numerous and layers of nested, the basic operation of the computer are, there are some TV to increase the wireless projection, Andrews and other new configurations. At present, only a few TVs with voice capabilities are more suitable for the elderly, but if the installation of the set-top box is to be watched, more than one remote control is needed to control the power on / off. In addition, almost all the remote control keys are present in the case of small, the elderly in the operation is very prone to misuse.


In a domestic brand of microwave counters, the reporter saw a gray hair some elderly people are choosing microwave ovens. The elderly pulled out the reading glasses from the bag and carefully studied the function keys on the microwave oven panel, "What light frequency, frequency microwave, dual mode frequency, where I was divided. And microwave oven is now too expensive to sell! Six hundred or seven hundred dollars in front of watching at every turn, a thousand dollars on the microwave, the old man shook his head. Finally, the elderly at the bottom of the counter to see a relatively single function microwave oven. "Waiter said that there is only one left, handling products, nor plans to replenish." The elderly sighed with regret.


Mall Purchasing Guide told reporters: "A lot of single product, many manufacturers are discontinued now most of the market is smart home appliances." According to industry analysts, large manufacturers strong research and development, product updates faster, although there are a few The product also retains a single function of the production line, but the output has been worse than before, will gradually be eliminated.


However, the reporter also saw in the interview that in the field of mobile phones, there are more varieties specially developed for the elderly. These elderly mobile phones basically have the characteristics of big screen, big font, large keys and high volume, and some also have a key Call relatives or one-button alarm function, a few high-end products also have real-time positioning capabilities. All cell phones have a common feature that other additional features as little as possible, especially the absence of a variety of popular smart features. These cell phone prices are relatively low, the basic are hundreds of dollars up and down. According to sales staff, the elderly cell phone sales momentum is good, many customers even buy about two or even four, to the elderly one at home.


After that, the reporter searches for "smart electric appliances for the elderly" through the e-commerce platform, and the search results that appear most frequently are the mobile phones and wristbands for the elderly. Television appliances, microwave ovens, rice cookers and other appliances do not have any special products for the elderly.


Demand exceeds 600 billion yuan, a huge market for the elderly appliances


In recent years, the degree of population aging in our country has deepened and the number of elderly people has been on the increase. According to publicly available data, by 2020 China will reach 248 million people over the age of 60; in 2030 it will exceed 300 million; and by 2050, China's elderly population will increase to 480 million, accounting for one-fourth of the global elderly population. Consumption of home appliances, according to Orville Consulting predicted that only the elderly living in empty-nest families in urban areas each year the scale of demand for old appliances on more than 600 billion. This will be a very huge market segment.


In the interview, the reporter also learned that the elderly are not unable to accept the smart home appliances, but because the market is seriously lack of meet the needs of the aging products, the elderly welcome the "aging" smart appliances.


Through the access to information, the reporter found that in Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries, the concept of "older appliances should be different from the average home appliances" has long been proposed that these countries that the elderly should be safe, healthy, intelligent, economical , And on this basis launched a series of products, such as the remote control buttons or the body on the knob to minimize the number, supplemented by clear and easy to understand instructions and clear color signs.


The industry believes that many manufacturers in the development of products, emphasis on the "intelligent" and "high-tech", mostly for "80", "90" of young people, but in the intelligent application Ignore the "fit and aging." If manufacturers can start from the actual needs of the elderly, we can find the fit point for smart appliances and "fit-for-age", which not only meets the needs of the elderly for smart appliances, but also opens up a broader market to achieve a win-win situation.


Author: Song Li Source: Daily Changchun

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